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Dan Mahlik





Regional Directors

An accomplished leader and visionary, Dan is the President of Duet Resource Group. He has been lending his expertise to the company since first joining the team in 1991. With a proven track record in client-focused solutions, Dan drives innovation in commercial design and furniture solutions. Under his guidance, Duet Resource Group continues to excel at delivering cutting-edge interiors that enhance productivity and aesthetics in every industry the company serves.

Dan seeks to bring forward-facing ideas to the team, fostering a culture of constant evolution, growth, and development. He is a key figure in establishing and nurturing client relationships at Duet because he understands that people are the reason we do what we do. Dan is exemplary in laying the foundations of communication, curiosity, and respect while establishing connections and partnerships within the community. These traits have contributed to Duet becoming known as a “boutique” furniture dealer, due to the personal approach Duet brings to the industry.

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