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philanthropy commitment

Innovative Solutions

At Duet Resource Group, we specialize in providing innovative solutions to meet our clients' needs, while also contributing to the greater community. We believe in making a positive impact through our work, whether it is by providing sustainable furniture solutions or through our charitable donations.


Partnerships that Make an Impact

We aim to leave a lasting, positive mark on everyone we serve in our community. That's why we are proud to partner with Fork Farms to donate hydroponic towers to five local schools throughout the Milwaukee Area. These towers not only help provide fresh food at the source to those in need, but also offer an innovative and unique way for the next generation to learn about sustainable agriculture.


sustainability commitment

Our planet is a precious place, and we want to do what we can to protect it.

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DEI commitment

Duet DEI.png

Duet's DEI Commitment

Duet’s culture is built on an environment that welcomes every individual. Duet’s leadership is responsible for fostering an open and supportive environment that is inclusive for all employees, customers, suppliers, and partners. Each team member is free to respectfully share their perspectives and authentic self and is expected to be open-minded to their teammates’ perspectives and authentic selves.


We believe having good intentions is not enough. Our DEI philosophy fosters a shared belief in equity through Duet policies, practices, and opportunities so each team member has the tools and support to achieve success. We recognize that everyone has visible and invisible differences, and we appreciate the entire person. We respect different learning and working styles because we know they produce the best teams, most innovative ideas, and greatest problem solving. Our Mission is that all team members are given the opportunity to be their best self and genuinely feel engaged and valued. Working together – to impact more.

Ensuring Equal Advancement Opportunities

Duet is devoted to providing equal opportunities for personal and professional growth and development for all who are part of the team.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Duet is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Wellnss & Safety

wellness + safety commitment

Duet encourages employee well-being as one of our company's fundamental core values. Our building encourages movement for our employees throughout the day, and our team often participates in wellness events hosted at our Experience Center.


We are also committed to providing safe working conditions for our employees in our own work environment and out in the field. Employees are empowered to share unsafe conditions and give feedback on how their work environment can be improved.

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