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MMAC Award Nominee

Duet Resource Group has been selected as an honoree for MMAC's Focus on the Future Awards in the category "Established New Links in the Chain."
MMAC Award Nominee

The Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) is recognizing 65 Milwaukee Region organizations and individuals as Focus on the Future Award honorees for their work to meet challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our business community has faced unprecedented challenges in 2020. Through it all, these 65 companies, organizations and individuals have shown us examples of the Milwaukee Region at its best, and give us hope for the future. Through the Focus on the Future Awards, MMAC wants to recognize those who have risen to their best during the most difficult of times.” 
Stephanie Hall, MMAC Vice President of Membership and Small Business

Duet Resource Group is one of eight businesses recognized in the category "ESTABLISHED NEW LINKS IN THE CHAIN." The honorees in this category are recognized for having retooled their supply chain or made new links in another supply chain to meet new market demands. 

At the onset of COVID-19, Duet Resource Group quickly realized the need for accessible fresh and healthy food. Having firsthand experience seeing the challenges associated with food insecurity at home and abroad before the pandemic, Duet decided it was time to take action as a business. Duet feels strongly that leveraging innovation and technology is the only way to surmount these issues now and into the future.

With distribution provided only in Wisconsin, June 1st, 2020, Duet formalized an on-going business relationship with Fork Farms into becoming a full distribution partner for the entire upper Midwest. Fork Farms is an Appleton, WI-based technology company who has a patented the Flex Farm--a fully self-contained, indoor, vertical hydroponic grow system. The Flex Farm embodies the concept of “Technology as a Solution,” democratizing food production and putting healthy, fresh food at the point of use, eliminating inefficient supply chains and empowering individuals to take ownership of their food.

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