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Duet's Director Offers Industry Insight

Kim Melka is featured on Episode 13 of The Design POP Podcast, where she offers insight into the world of interior design incentives.
Duet's Director Offers Industry Insight

Podcast Spotlight

Join Duet's Director of Creative Design and Communications, Kim Melka, in her conversation with Alexandra Tseffos, host of The Design POP Podcast.

The Design POP Podcast is created specifically for dealer designers, offering insight into hot topics occurring in the industry today. In this episode, Kim shares her perspective on design incentives both in the industry as a whole and how Duet specifically approaches this topic internally.

Kim also speaks to how Duet has built and retained a tenured and experienced team by celebrating the individuals that make up the team throughout the year while also celebrating the successes of the team collectively.

"We have really great retention of employees, and it's really trying to figure out what's helped make that happen and how can we continue that long-term with new employees as they're coming on. ...We're just trying to create the culture of caring and...keep[ing] these really good people on board."
-Kim Melka, Director, Creative Design + Communications at Duet Resource Group


Listen to the Entire Interview - Part 2 of Exploring Design Incentives

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