Manufacturing Facilities

For the most part, the furniture and textile manufacturers we work with are open and continuing manufacturing. At this time we are experiencing approximately two to three week delays due to supply chain disruption and staffing. We are informing our clients of any active projects or orders that are effected.


Due to the nature of manufacturing, employees are able to follow guidelines established by OSHA and the CDC on proper precautions, including but not limited to social distancing. We’ve seen various plans by the manufacturers including staggered work shifts and break times, in addition to cleaning and disinfecting programs.



To date trucking and sea freight is operating normally. Border restrictions do not impact shipment of goods. The nature of trucking is such that it also has an element of social distancing.


Transmission On Goods

Material entering the manufacturing facilities from overseas goes through a natural quarantine process as it will spend 3-4 weeks in containers. In the case of manufactured goods, there are typically several days to a week between packaging a product in a factory, loading on a truck, freight time, staging in one of our warehouses, and then arriving at its final installation site.


A recent research study on transmission of the coronavirus on surfaces found that the virus can survive for up to 3 days on plastic and steel and about 24 hours on cardboard. It has been suggested that more absorbent materials such as cardboard make it more difficult for the virus to survive. Fabric would be closer to cardboard in this respect. In all cases, the viability of the virus declines over those periods.


Placing Orders

Once things get back to “normal,” there may be a potential for pent up demand (especially if it is summer and you are looking for a fall installation for start of school). We welcome the opportunity to work with you on any pending projects to have them placed into production schedules. If you have a critical deadline, we cannot stress the importance of providing us a PO as soon as possible. Without that we cannot place an order or give visibility to our manufacturing partners to identify timelines. Once a PO comes in, Duet will go out of our way to work with our partners in having your furniture arrive to our warehouses and store it if need be to minimize risk for on-time installation.



Most of our healthcare, education, and government clients/end users have pre-negotiated contracts in place versus sending furniture out to bid. By utilizing a contract that is already in place, you save time and money, which expedites the process of placing furniture orders. Duet will work with you on which contracts you are eligible for, and in some cases, there may be more than one contract you can tap into.


Below are some links to routine care and maintenance of common furniture finishes. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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